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How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business?

  • One of the most comprehensive independent and cost-effective books for anyone considering opening a restaurant or just plain sick and tired of losing money at a current business. It provides over 425 pages of details on every aspect, with facts, examples and even humor to help the reader better understand the challenges on the road to profitability and success in restaurant business ownership.

  • Restaurants have one of the highest failure rates of any industry. This book was written specifically to reduce that statistic by thoroughly educating and empowering the reader to make the best decisions for success.

  • Extensive supporting documentation is included FREE: Spreadsheets,  checklists, agreements, forms, employee manual & much more


What's Inside...

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Just one of many testimonials


“I recommend to anyone considering entering the crowded hospitality field, especially opening a restaurant - read this book! I wish I'd had it when I opened my business 45 years ago. It was all trial and error for me, good luck people would say, I remember. Do yourself a big favor, read this book!  It's all there and it can be used as your playbook to success!”


Jack Cawthon - Owner, Jack's Barbecue 

 Three Locations - Nashville, TN

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"The Book & Mentoring at your fingertips"

 "If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant you need to go into it with your eyes wide open, knowledgeable in all levels.  Or, if you have an existing restaurant this (product) will open your eyes, and just for a very small sum of money. It will save you a lot of headaches. In fact, it could save you from losing thousands of dollars or perhaps from even having to close the business down. My advice would be to spend the money and save yourself a lot of frustration. It will save you from the trial and error method. I’ve owned three successful restaurants (, but I would have been successful a lot earlier if I would have had this wealth of information at my fingertips."


Firok Shield - Owner, Carmel Bistro Giovanni – Carmel, CA

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How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business

A Product Focused on Small Restaurant Profitability

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