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"This was the largest amount of detailed info that I could find from a single source for the least amount of money. It saved me a lot of time and frustration"

Rob Cammelletti - Restaurateur, Bend Oregon

The Book & Mentoring services

How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business


Available on Amazon

The Complete Book: Covering the entire operation of a restaurant, including  

  • Company Formation & Legal Agreements

  • Location and Target Demographics 

  • Brand and Menu Development

  • Projections & Tracking Performance

  • Employee Issues & Loss Prevention

  • Suppliers, Ordering & Inventory

  • Cost Controls & Restaurant Calculations

  • Buying Cost Effective Equipment

  • Catering and Selling Bulk Foods

  • Creating Outstanding Customer

       Experiences that keep them coming

       back again and again!

  • And much more!


Restaurant Resource Files

Free With Book Purchase!


The resource files are the forms, spreadsheets, agreements, checklists and other information to be used with the book's chapters. The book has a QR code directing you to the download page. The files include:

​Legal Agreements

  • Company Organization Documents/Samples

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Investor Agreement/Loan Agreement

  • Corporate Operating Agreement

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Commercial Lease Sample

  • Catering Proposal & Agreement

  • And more

Employee Related

  • Employee Manual - a must have!

  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Manual

  • At-Will Agreement

  • Drug Testing Waiver Agreement

  • Employee Warning Form

  • Sexual Harassment Policy and Acknowledgement

  • Employee Application and Sample Questions

  • And more

Financial Planning and Tracking

  • Financial Projection Spreadsheet - Test and see if you're going to make money or not!

  • Monthly Tracking Spreadsheet - Easy to use monthly tracking

  • 4-4-5 Inventory Spreadsheet - Easy to use and industry leading method

  • Menu Item Cost Calculator - To determine total food cost of any specific menu item

  • And more

Marketing and Brand Development

  • Customer Experience Worksheet

  • Press Release - To announce your business events

  • Sample TV and Radio Advertising - Audio and video clips

  • There are many others related to catering, safety and checklists. Documents are provided in Microsoft Word or Excel format that can be modified for your own use. Material Safety Data Sheets (PDFs) are complimentary to the safety and sanitation section. 


Mentoring Services

Telephone Support for Owner/Operators

Important Note: If what you seek is an expert resource available at your finger tips for guidance and support, we suggest Mentoring Services. We want to help you succeed! 

Mentoring / Phone Based Interaction: For new and existing restaurants - $45 p/hr

  • Telephone support, answering questions, suggestions and experience-based problem solving

  • Business location analytics and target demographics resources and support

  • Providing quick solutions and resources to solve a wide range of immediate challenges

  • Recommend vetted suppliers and service providers that support small business and growth

  • Business, licenses and insurance requirements before opening

  • Outstanding customer experience modeling 

  • Finding and buying quality and cost-effective restaurant equipment - Saving you money!

  • Security methods that create a safer, more secure and profitable business

  • Bottom Line: An experienced food service expert available to help you navigate things faster and professionally, while providing the details on "why" and offering examples of success.

Additional Consulting Services / On-Site: In-depth analysis and training - Project Based 

  • Hands-on training on all sections and chapters of the book. On-site training provides a very valuable 3rd party perspective and insight that current owners don't typically see on a day-to-day basis

  • Detailed observation sessions and analysis of all aspects of the business including its operating costs, location, target demographics, any potential physical location and neighbor limitations, staff professionalism, loss prevention, customer experience issues and more to determine weak links in growth potential

  • Menu analysis for profitability. We analyze menus to suggest positioning and pricing for profitability compared to current food costs and menu organization

  • Food and paper inventory, usage and portion control analysis to determine areas of loss or waste

  • Employee Training and Loss Prevention. We analyze a business to determine all operational expenses compared to industry standards within similar food types and service. We analyze employee efficiency, effectiveness and interaction with guests. 

  • Customer Experience Training. Analyzing current awareness of the business to create return visits and referrals - increased revenues

  • Cleanliness, sanitation and safety analysis to reduce potential liabilities

  • Community awareness of the business and it's brand value perception

  • Operating management analysis - agreements, training materials, forms, financial management and performance tracking, employee records compliance, insurance requirements and problem solving techniques

  • Bottom Line: An experienced food service expert on-site, working at your pace, with your issues and providing professional well-documented solutions that create efficient and successful operations.

Another Testimonial

“There is a lifetime of applicable and useful information here and it’s a resource that I can lean on –  a very valuable asset for sure. The knowledge amassed here, a result of their experience and relentless research is astonishing. They do an excellent job of relaying pertinent information in a way that is very understandable.  I highly suggest the product and consulting to anyone interested in improving their business or starting a new one. The information and presentation of the materials is priceless.”

Jeff Olson / Seattle, WA Restaurant / Co-Owner

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How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business

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