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Our Mission:  Start-up, Growth and Profitability for Small Restaurant, Catering and Mobile Businesses.  


For Potential NEW Restaurant, Catering and Mobile Business Owners 

It's an in-depth look at the issues that must be considered before opening a restaurant, such as location, projections, lease/purchase, partner agreements, type of service (fast-casual vs table-service), look and feel, new employee policies and training, suppliers, insurance and much more. It provides a wealth of information that can help you avoid significant frustration and financial losses later. 


For EXISTING Restaurants Seeking to Survive, Grow and Compete Better 

Consider this quote from Dr. Joseph Murphy: "We don't become what we want, we become who we are." Old patterns and methods may not be working or serving you well. The book focuses on the steps necessary for profit and success. It offers different and eye opening perspectives, new ideas and specific growth steps for a struggling owner.


Thrive While You’re Alive is a company that helps small business owners and operators to take the steps necessary for success in the restaurant industry. The founder, Roy J Slicker, ran catering and restaurant businesses for 15 years. He has owned both successful restaurants and those that were "challenging". He meticulously documented the markers left by those operations and countless others. He also served on the Board of Directors of the National Barbecue Association for 6 years, 2 as its President - traveling the country helping small restaurants to be more profitable. 

Having been a business owner himself, he has many years of hands-on experience running food service operations resulting in a wealth of knowledge and performance data. Additionally, in his over 25 years of corporate experience in high tech with start-ups, big corporations and non-profits, he has engaged with hundreds of professionals at all levels of management and expertise. The How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business book is the result of all-of-the-above and the desire to help others turn their passion and creativity into profit while avoiding the numerous mistakes that people make every day in the organization, staffing, monitoring and marketing of small food service businesses.

In addition to the book, we offer mentoring services. This includes telephone interaction as well as on-site in-depth training for business owners to drill down deeper into each area of book, as well as motivating leadership and/or franchisees for effective operations and profit minded management. The services are dynamic and inspiring, a mix of both best practices, common sense and motivational support.

For more information on the history of Thrive While You’re Alive and the team, please contact us. You can also find more information on ThriveWYA's founder on LinkedIn.


“I recommend to anyone considering entering the crowded hospitality field, especially opening a restaurant - read this book! I wish I'd had it when I opened my business 45 years ago. There's still nothing like it available today. It was all trial and error for me, good luck people would say, I remember. Do yourself a big favor, read this book!  It's all there and it can be used as your playbook to success!”

Jack Cawthon - Founder/Owner, Jack's Barbecue 

 Three Locations - Nashville, TN

 "If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant you need to go into it with your eyes wide open, knowledgeable in all levels.  Or, if you have an existing restaurant this (product) will open your eyes, and just for a very small sum of money. It will save you a lot of headaches. In fact, it could save you from losing thousands of dollars or perhaps from even having to close the business down. My advice would be to spend the money and save yourself a lot of frustration. It will save you from the trial and error method. I’ve owned three successful restaurants (, but I would have been successful a lot earlier if I would have had this wealth of information at my fingertips."

Firok Shield - Owner, Carmel Bistro Giovanni – Carmel, CA

"How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business is an indispensable resource for anyone thinking about getting into the restaurant business.  The company has assembled a restaurant "tool box" brimming with easy to understand yet remarkably thorough advice. I was amazed to find not only the volume of content but the quality and attention to detail of each section. Much like having a team of experts on staff for the restaurateur without the expense of having the team!"

Dave Wolfgram / Senior Restaurant Executive SF Bay Area

"The ThriveWYA book is an incredible resource for any restaurateur or specialty food product store.  It is comprehensive in scope, meticulous in detail and efficiently organized for quick reference.”

Ronald Smith / Owner / Bend Chocolatiers - Bend, OR


"This is a fantastic product and will be one of many useful resources that I will use to better myself and invest into my career."

 Dan Palesch / Account Executive / Food Services of America

 "I was completely ignorant about the restaurant business. I kept searching online for so long and then found the ThriveWYA book. It is exactly what I was looking for and needed to move forward! Thank you so much for such an amazing product."

Esraa from Houston - Considering Opening a New Restaurant in a Shopping Mall Food Court

"I have found the book to be very informative. It covers a lot of very useful information on the operation of a successful food service business. Operating a restaurant is a lot more than just good cooking. The information provided in product will help to educate the reader on all aspects of restaurant operations. I highly recommend it for anyone considering opening a restaurant or catering business, or is struggling operate an existing one.”

Jerry Greco / Owner / Wildwood Camp Catering / Sisters, Oregon

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