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Customer experience

We present how to create outstanding customer experiences that keep customers coming back again and again. We discuss examples of businesses that achieve a deep customer attachment, and those that have mastered some components but still struggle due to other areas not being in sync - the result is lack of full revenue potential. We provide an easy to use exercise to create elements for success in restaurants. 

creating a Solid brand

This section of the product is an important building block of your business. We provide a list of key components and examples of solid brands and how to create your own memorable identity.  



Establishing a strong sense of purpose is key to facing your customers. Why did you open your business? Did you do it for yourself, your customers, money or love of the food?  The key to a successful business is hooking these together for a common goal – the positive experience of your business. In this section, we present a process that is both fun and rewarding while you and your customers.



What’s your background? Why did you want to reinvent yourself?  This section presents key factors that will help you capitalize on your history or the history of your specific product type. History plays such a huge role in the customer experience. History is a great foundation or a place that’s falling down. It speaks of experience and wisdom. Your history must be leveraged in the process of building a profitable business.  



In this section, we will show you numerous ways and examples of community involvement and partnerships that can have a profound effect on your brand awareness and increasing revenue. There are core qualities required to be part of "the fabric" of a community. 



You can create a business that is well throughout the region and beyond.  How does this happen? There are key things an owner can do to attract positive attention, even as a small business in a small town. There are many ways to get free publicity. This section presents specific resources to help you raise awareness of your business and brand.


design considerations

How does your building or design tie into your brand, your history or the message/image you're trying to convey?  Exterior and interior look and décor are extremely important in connecting with your customers. This section discusses trends and presents ideas for a cohesive look and feel.

Who Are You
Customer Experience
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