Let’s face it, restaurant dumpsters can really stink and that can have an impact on your business, even if it's not yours! If food waste is part of what you’re throwing away, you need to spend time in our Food Waste section. In the meantime, wet and other discarded food can create strong odors and create a health hazard. It can also hurt your business revenue due to negative potential customer experience around your building.


IN-House Garbage

In-house garbage cans, like those in the kitchen and bathrooms, need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Little odors here and there will interfere with the smells that you want your customers to experience. In this section we discuss types of garbage receptacles, cleaning schedules and forms that can be used by management to track staff cleaning of these festering odor monsters. In-house garbage cans can also be a source for very dangerous bacteria and must be cleaned with the appropriate cleaners. 



In this section, we provide several suggestions on how to keep your dumpster and the surrounding area clean and odor free. We also provide information on how to deal with neighboring dumpsters that may not be helping your business look and feel (smell). 


recycling equipment

Recycling containers can be a big source of bugs and undesirable surface interaction. Organizing recyclable containers is also a big issue for a business, keeping them inside away from theft and organized for any service that picks up and counts for credits. In this section, we suggest ways to keep things clean, organized, safe and not a hazard to staff, customers or suppliers. 


outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment, such as grills, smokers, trash cans, service tables, bus stations and waiting areas must be kept clean for many reasons. Outdoor cooking equipment can present an image of your product - dirty equipment, dirty food. Dirty trash cans and outdoor service areas present an image of a sloppy kitchen and overall messy operation. Cleaning equipment on a regular basis is important to your brand's image and a quality customer experience. Nevermind dirty equipment, especially highchairs, attracts the wrong kind of attention from the Health Department. 




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