Forward Facing

The type of equipment you select for use in the forward facing environments (customer areas) should be tied closely to your brand's look and feel. We present the do's and don't of forward facing equipment, third party material and mistakes made in initial and add-on configurations.  


Table Considerations

What are the advantages of high vs low tables? What types of tables work best for different restaurants?    How do four-top tables differ from large family style tables in the customer experience?  What items should I put on the table vs bring to the table when serving? What are the trends in tables? What tables are the most attractive and functional for the customer but easiest to clean for the restaurant?  What specific sizes work best for different groups of people? These and other issues are covered in this section of the book.


Chairs & Benches

Chairs, benches, stools, and highchairs are covered in this section. We present different seating types made from different materials, the pros and cons and safety issues. We present what types of seating that may work better than others in various different restaurant types. The position of chairs in proximity to others, bar stool safety, cleaning and maintenance is also covered. One look at insurance company data on the alarming number of people injured as a result of seating malfunctions or misuse, you begin to see how important it is to choose the right benches and/or chairs.   



Lighting is a key ingredient to success in the restaurant business. It sets the mood, allows people to read your menu (or not), saves you money (or not), prevents injuries (or not), and has a huge positive impact on the customer experience (or not). In this section, we present details and examples of lighting that works and those that don't. We even cover how the bathroom that can be part of a positive customer experience with proper lighting. We list suppliers with great restaurant lighting products, discuss energy saving lighting and present creative ideas that help to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. 

beverage & bar

There are numerous suppliers that can provide beverage dispensers, machines, products and service that can help make serving your customers a lot easier. Some equipment you may need to purchase, others you may be able to lease. In this section, we present the equipment needed to service soda, beer, wine and mixed drinks, and what equipment you can "bargain" for and others you may have to buy or lease.  



Restrooms can be fun or a place where people just go to do their business. There are numerous products on the market and ideas that can be used to tie the restroom adventure back to the goal of achieving a quality customer experience overall. In this section, we discuss numerous products and ideas that you can utilize to get people talking about how much fun it was to go to use bathroom. 


service equipment

Bus stations, carts, supply areas and small wares to support customer dining areas are important for several reasons including accessibility, functionality, possible mobility, cleanliness and sanitation, safety and security. In this section, we present some requirements that should be met on all support and service equipment in front of the house operations. 


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