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An important and heartfelt message on Restaurant Ownership Personality charactertisics

In order to run a profitable and successful restaurant operation, there are very important personality characteristics required. Listening to hundreds of past and current restaurant owners, you begin to see patterns of failure and success. Of the restaurant owners that have failed, many seem to be obsessed with not failing, almost a sense of urgency or over-reacting. Most of the restaurant owners that are thriving and growing, seem to have a focus on success, failure wasn't even an option or given any thought. When you think you can fail, maybe the focus is on failure and you lose track of the basics that work, and become obsessed with control of things you can’t (control). When you think success, you're naturally doing the things that work. All thoughts and actions are related to positive interactions, focused effort on productivity and the specific things that generate positive results.  

Throughout the ThriveWYA product, we use real life business examples to show how ego (the need to control things or not) played a role in both unsuccessful and successful business (ad)ventures.

We are not here to judge and say that some people with certain attitudes are destined to succeed or fail. We want everyone in the restaurant business to thrive, and to do so, sometimes we need to look within, think about that Albert Einstein quote again, and focus on what you want, not on the things you don’t want, or can’t really control.

The restaurant business takes a very unique personality, one that has leadership skills, compassion, focus, determination and persistence (in the face of ridicules odds). It’s a tough business, and your personality (and ego) will either serve you well, or completely frustrate and/or humble you after losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We hope you enjoy the side-bar stories in the product, and use them to your advantage.




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