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In this section, we present the most important things to consider when looking for a location.  Mistakes made in selecting a questionable location can be devastating to revenue.  We provide details on historically successful building types and pros and cons of various interior layouts.  


Buying or Leasing

Whether you buy or lease a building and/or property really depends on your financial condition or long-term plan. In this section, we present the advantages and disadvantages of both leasing and buying. We discuss extreme difficulties a restaurant tenant can experience if a lease doesn't have protection against certain types of owner increases, infringing 3rd party projects or other events out of the tenant's control. 


traffic patterns

Traffic patterns are one of the leading things people just miss or ignore is selecting a location. In this section, we present several methods of determining traffic patterns, access, volume and how those tie into your hours of operation, menu offerings and more. One simple mistake that we document and explain here can mean certain failure for a business. 


adjacent businesses

Being next to or near certain types of businesses can mean big business for a restaurant, or it can mean the certain on-going struggle for survival. In this section, we list examples of "great" and "challenging" adjacent businesses and some suggestions of how to address a bad situation if you're already in one.



This section addresses key elements for success for your specific type of product. What type of customer are you seeking for your product?  What‘s the target market and key appeal?  Age groups, blue collar/white collar/no collar, women, children, seniors, ethnic groups and so on are all presented and discussed in this section.


zoning and planning

In most cities, buildings that are zoned for retail stores, gas stations or other non-restaurant applications can't be used as a restaurant unless a zone code change is made. In this section, we provide details and an example of a building that required a code change, the process, expected timeframes and ways to help things along a bit.



In this section, we present the importance of brand attachment – the feel-good factor. We present how a business that appeals to the customer in many key ways can result in a more successful business. And, this is before they even try any food! We use historical companies and products as examples.


Traffic Patterns
Buying or Leasing
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