Fast Casual vs. Table Service

This section presents details on two different service types: Fast Casual (counter-service) and Table Service (sit-down). There are very big differences between these two, including customer experience, efficiency, labor costs and food service expense.  It presents how these service models can affect operations. This section is important because of the profound effects either model can have on expenses and profitability. 


Drive-Thru Service

In our research, having a drive-thru can increase your sales as much as 30%, although there are many factors to consider before racing down that path.  Drive-thrus can also change your brand image. This section discusses adding or operating an existing drive-thru and presents the positive and negative impacts it can have on your business.


Staff Requirements

Staff requirements vary widely based on the type of service model you have, plan to have or change in your restaurant. This section presents important considerations when staffing the restaurant with salaried, full and/or part-time employees. 

Registers & POS systems

Ease of use, speed and security are top priorities in this crucial function for your business. Pricing of POS systems is an important factor for a small business. Systems can be purchased outright, there are those with monthly fees, software licensing issues and other factors that could all have an impact on profitability for your business. We provide an easy to use template for balancing a register or POS system and a list of key features to look for in a system.


Patios / Outdoor Seating

Besides the obvious atmosphere advantages to having outdoor seating, what are the other considerations? Outdoor seating may have an impact on the cost of your license, insurance, and staffing.  In addition, different types of service equipment and furniture is discussed. 



Live music and karaoke can be a big draw for a restaurant,  especially performances on a patio or deck. Music is a great way for a restaurant to bring in local and regional acts without spending too much for the talent. However, there are very important issues to consider with having live music or karaoke – namely licensing!  A small restaurant can quickly get in a lot of financial trouble without a license, and yes, the business owner is responsible, not the band. We present the facts and ways working with these organizations to get the best possible agreements. 




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