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Garbage and recycled materials are just part of restaurant operations on a regular basis. This might shock you but we've seen restaurants that are now operating without a garbage dumpster, only recycle bins. They are very good at usage planning, multi-use items, recycling and community involvement. While that may not seem "normal", it does set a good example of where you should be moving towards. There are many services that can help you with waste and recyclable materials. There are also numerous safety concerns that you must address before you have a big problem. We have documented numerous cases of injuries dealing with garbage, recycling packaging and oils and grease. Injuries affect operations and can cost you dearly if you haven't planned, documented and trained on waste management procedures.


Oils & Grease

In this section of the product, we discuss the safety concerns related to working with and cleaning up after oils and grease within the kitchen. We also provide information on services and that can help you recycle your used oils and remove your grease. If you fry foods then you must change oils on a regular basis to avoid nasty flavors in your foods. Most burns in a kitchen are caused by untrained or careless interaction with fryers and oils.



Local non-profit organizations are a great partner for your business. They can be utilized to reduce loss and create magical goodwill in your community. In this section, we provide many examples of how a restaurant can interact with non-profits in the community. 



Securing your waste and recycling areas is more important than you think, and for many reasons. And as we discuss in several sections, waste and recycling are tied to profitability. Keeping the area in and around your garbage and recycling bins is also important. In this section, we show examples of how unsecured and dirty trash areas can cost you money and time. We present several solutions that can be utilized and potential city government initiatives that can help in the process.

Health & Hazards

Different types of garbage present health hazards, not only to your employees but also your customers and the community. There are hazards that you'd never think of that can create an insurance nightmare. Interacting with garbage and recycling can create falling and slipping hazards, odors, burns, cuts, broken bones and even worse. We present a list of dangers and ramifications and simple solutions that will make your staff, insurance company and the surrounding community happy with your proactivity.



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